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Plymouth State University Ice Arena, Plymouth, N.H.

A feature of the Plymouth State University campus, the Ice Arena features a 4,000-square-foot welcome center inviting visitors to the campus. The facility is 60,000 square feet and home....

Multi-Tenant Buildings

Multi-Tenant Building tenants range from non-profit companies to government agencies and offer significant value for all. With quality project design, efficient construction and operations, benefits of multi-tenant buildings will be realized and shared among owners and tenants. Owner and tenant incentives include financial benefits associated with lower operating expenses such....

Aluminum Composite Material and Insulated Wall Panels

Construx, Inc.has been contracted to supply and install Aluminum Composite Material (ACM) Panels and Insulated Wall Panels for a variety of applications. Projects include commercial buildings, multi-tenant buildings, government and municipal buildings. Due to the nature of their diversity, ACM and Insulated Wall Panels are a desirable choice of clients for an array of buildings projects. Following are examples....